The infographic includes all the sketches and processes, and the photo of the artwork.

It also includes the Advantages and Disadvantages of the artwork and some other analysis.

infographic Sophan


Final Artwork


The lampshade with lighting on




(1) COLLECT: Collect 12 green plastic bottles and 1 big transparent bottle.

(2) CUT: Cut each bottles as two parts and cut the green bottles as slices.

(3) HEAT: Use hair dryer to heat the green plastic; make every slice curly.

(4) INSTALL: Install each objects into a lampshade.


Step 1

Prepare 12 green plastic bottles (Green color symbolizes life). Cut them to 2 parts; throw the bottom part. For the top part, cut the body into slices with scissors.

Step 2

Use hair dryer to heat the slices, make them to be curly.


Step 3

Cut the big transparent bottle into 2 parts, throw the bottom part and make 12 holes on the top part.WechatIMG14

Step 4

Fix the 12 heated green bottles in the 12 holes.

Step 5

Fix it on the table lamp.WechatIMG19

Introduction of Artwork

Concept: Blooming

Object: Lampshade

Tools: Plastic bottles/ Scissors/ Hair dryer/ Cutter/ Lamp holder/ Bulb


The concept of this work is BLOOMING, which expresses the visualization full of vigor.12010

The shape of the lampshade is like a tree, therefore, use table lamp to express the concept.


Burning Experiment

Use a color plastic bottle and cut it into 2 pieces, and cut the body of the top piece into slices with scissors. Use fire to heat it.

Because the fire is too hot for plastic, the effect is not good; the BLOOMING looks like WITHERING with that. And the experimenter got injured by the fire. Therefore, the experimenter changed the tool to hair dryer to instead of fire.Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 9.35.22 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-29 at 9.35.39 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-29 at 9.35.54 PMWechatIMG23

List of Final Task (Introduction of Guan Yu)

Guan Yu, courtesy name Yunchang

Traditional Chinese 關羽

Simplified Chinese 关羽

Posthumous name: Marquis Zhuangmou

Buddhist name: Sangharama Bodhisattva

From Xie County, Hedong Commandery

General serving under the warlord Liu Bei

Three Kingdom periods, China

In the 180s, Guan Yu joined a volunteer militia formed by Liu Bei

Assisted a Colonel, Zou Jing, in suppressing the revolt

Shared a brotherly-like relationship with Liu Bei

Had a short service under Cao Cao started from 199

Got the title “Marquis of Hanshou Village”

Returned to Liu Bei in 200

Participated battle of Red Cliffs and aftermath in 208

Guarding Jing Province between 212 and 215

Participated battle of Fancheng in 219

Died in 220