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Postcard design by Wall of Thought


For this task, we need to choose 3 word by the Wall of Thought, the 3 word that I chose are SPECTACULAR, TURQUOISE and COMPUNCTION.

Postcard design:


Compunction means the feeling of guilty, so I drew a guilty face and made the background only black and white, to show this feeling.


Turquoise is a kind of color, something like the symbol color of the brand Tiffany & Co,. I this those colors to make this word, the letter O, I just made it like a bracelet.


post card spectacular

3. Spectacular

I use water color to draw the galaxy on paper, and wrote this word Spectacular, because galaxy is spectacular.

Postcard made:

After editing and drawing, I cut those works into A5 size, and paste

postcard back


Conclusion of caption writings

 From the 10 caption writings of my works, I can see the progress of them with digital drawing . I like drawing illustration, I also like to design my own characters. In terms of color and composition, I can do it better than others, and I always like to study the new style of painting, try not to limit myself inside only one style. In the 10 caption writings, I selected some illustrations that I drew this 2 years, but every single work of those works, are in completely different style , I hope I can continue to get progress in the future .

 But the works in other areas , what I did are just in general level, or even worse. I have poor design sense, I am not an imaginative person, so those designs does not come out with good-looking layout. There for those hand-made works, such as installation and diorama, I totally can not make good use of the tools and materials, so the works made out are not good looking. But I will never do these works as my job, so I would not worry about this weakness. But I will read more books about design , improve my own ability of design.

Caption of my own work

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 5.27.17 PM

1.Fan art of HongKong group Twins

The end of 2015, I went to HongKong to see their concert with my friends, and there will be another concert of them in Guangzhou this May. My friends wants me to draw an illustration of them to print on T-shirts, and wear that T-shirt to see their concert together, Then I drew this picture. “Then we can buy clothes and socks and be the students on duty” is from the lyric of their song, my concept is just from this sentence, they are wearing the silk ribbon of student on duty, and shopping.


Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 4.20.25 PM

2. Website design of my hometown

There are home, food, about Chengdu, navigator and contact, totally 5 pages on my website. Almost every foods in Chengdu are spicy, so I will use a chili on the top of the website. Same as the background colour, I use red. I put this photo on my home page because this is a roof of the most famous shopping mall in Chengdu, and the statue of panda can present that panda is from Chengdu.

There is a page Navigator on my website, I use the screenshot of google map, put the location of the most delicious restaurants that I think on it. Visitors can find the address easily but this map.



3. Fan art of Gujianqitan 2

I am the big fan of the game called, Gujianqitan, so I drew this base on the main character in the game. There are so many graphics or pictures about this game that provided by the game company already. However, the style of those work mostly done by 3 dimensional graphic, realism, and some realistic animation. I want to bring up different style and vision for the people who love this game as me. I decided to use the style that kind of like cartoon feeling to create the main character. I designed the movement and the background after I played the game and read the story. My concept from this drawing is capture the moment that the leading man is holding the sword during jumping.



4.Found objects installation

This work was from the module Museum Gallery and Heritage. I found a slipper, a larger bottle, a small bottle, a watch and a small can in Mantin. Then, I install them into an are work.

I use boxes to do the installation. I use water colour pencil to draw the pattern of the pattern of a small can on the box. For the slipper, I did that in the same way. Then, I paste to combine them together.



5. Fan art of HongKong TV drama The Line Walker

This drawing is inspired by the Hong Kong drama, the Line Walker. I picked five of the main characters from the drama, and created this drawing. This drama was very popular in Hong Kong, I am also the fan of this. Therefore, I drew this illustraion just for fun. My concept from this drawing is taking the feeling of the drama and create an 2D graphic form which is trying to bring up a different feeling by using animation form. I was only using some basic colours to created the main charaters, black is the main tone. I chose black because it is based on the storyline of the drama, which is about Gangland. I design a simple background which is in order to make the character prominent.




This work was from 2D character module. We need to do a diorama, which is related to our character design and storyline:

There is a butcher who stays at Kampung Hakka with his kid.
His kid is a primary school student. There is a primary school in Kampung Hakka, so I made their house like this video, the house is just near the primary school.
From the beginning of the story, there was a cat who fell down into the well, and the boy wanted to save it out. He asked his father to help him, and the butcher let him go into a blanket and saved the cat.
But after saving the cat, the cat escaped away, so the boy ran to catch it.
In the end of the story, the butcher caught the cat and gave it to his kid.

There are three scenes in my animation; all of them are in Kampung Hakka. The first place is the main character’s home. The second and third place is for the boy chasing the cat.

I use Photoshop to draw the figures and environment. After printing them out, I cut them and paste on plastic.


cat head

7. 2d design of folding paper

This work is from the module Design Studio Conceptualization. We need to choose a kind of material and do an art work of it, before that, we should do a 2D design of that material, the material that I wanted to use to do the 3D form is paper, so the 2D form should also be paper.

I drew a cat head which is made by folding paper and put on a man’s body.


space man

8. Illustration

This is my drawing, Mechanic bird and solider. The mechanic bird and the solider is standing and looking forward to achieve or complete something. My concept is based on that everyone has his/her goal want to achieve. I use solider for my main character because solider is strong, brave, power, and reliable. There are many obstacles in our lives. We have to be as strong as solider to overcome the obstacles to complete our missions, which is our goals. Mechanic also represents strong and power so that I created a mechanic bird next to the solider. The mechanic bird is the guide in our live, it could be your friends, religion and so on, which means you are not alone in your life.




9. Infographic

This work is from the module 2D Animation, we need to do an infographic about a short animation. The short animation which I watched is The Pink Phink. Which is a Comedy animation. A painter wanted to paint the entire house to blue color, and a pink panther wanted to make it pink. Then the panther did everything to withstand the painter, and it made its whole world include the plants to pink.

There is no any dialogue in this film, only the background music and some laugh track. From this animation, I think that there is always some conventional rule in the world; maybe the Pink Phink is the one who stands out and breaks the rules.

And for the infographic, I just followed the way of INFOMANIA.


task 2 dd 2

10. Aesthetics collage

This work is from the module Digital Design.

The earth is polluted badly now, we cannot find the scenery everywhere like before. So we need to fight for the environment. There is a warrior with two swords is fighting for the environment. Taking care of environment is the responsibility of everyone, so there is many people inside of the swords. The firework to represent victory.

I use the photo for represent the scenery in good environment, and wdit the firework photo like mosaic. Then combine those elements to finish work.


KL Art Trip

Our lecturers lead us to KL last week, and we visit 3 places.


The first venue was Nation Museum, actually this museum disappointed me, it is too simple and crude, but it also has many good things inside. By visiting the nation museum, I learned something new about Malaysia, include the history and culture.


Then we went to the visual art gallery.


Compare with the museum, I like this gallery more. Just when we get into this gallery, we saw this amazing huge painting.


There are also many other beautiful art works inside of it, all of them were made or drawn by Malaysian.

After that, we went to KLCC Twin Towers, there is also one gallery here. I like this gallery most because the art works here are wonderful.



We also saw our lecturer Mr. Sukor’s art work here, it is made by 3D printing.


Camping Report

Madam Roshida and Dr Hushinaidi led us to a graet camping at HuluLangat on 11 March 2016.



When we reached the place, I felt very upset because it doesn’t have air-con and bed there, and we need to stay in the “Chicken House”, I can’t even sleep on a mattress. The atmosphere got better at night; we found some branches to make campfire and introduced ourselves to everyone. I knew some new friends from other majors that day.

The second day, 12 March 2016, we got up very early at about 7 am. After taking breakfast, we went to climb the mountain. The way we went was really very primordial and dangerous, but adventurous. We took 2 hours to climb the mountain, on the top of the mountain; it was a waterfall there. Some people played in the water, some people drew, but I was too tired to move, and I regretted that I did bring slippers and swimsuit, so I can’t play with them inside of the water. I didn’t have confidence to draw at public place, so I didn’t do anything at the top of the mountain.


After the climbing, we came back to the place where we stayed. Dr. Hushinaidi and some students started to do barbeque; there are chicken wings, sausages, corns and so on. That was an awesome dinner because it was really very delicious and appetizing; probably the reason why I think so is because I was super tired that afternoon.


We did some art works by groups on the last day. We used the materials that we found from the nature and did what we wanted to do. After that, we sat together and chatted. At 5 pm, the bus came, and we came back to our hostel.

Although I felt tired those days but it was a good experience for me.

What is DETAIL


Everything has detail; detail is every single part of the things. Whether the thing is touchable or abstract, it has detail; detail is just the individual fact of them.

The objects that exist objectively are constituted by details,for example, a leaf can be the detail of a tree, and a leaf also has its own details, such as the leaf vein and the stalk.

An abstract thing also has the details of it, such as a plan of a trip, we can’t see it or touch it, but it is constituted by details, there are time, place, route and other elements, every detail of it is important and necessary.

There is an old adage that says “details determine success or failure”, details are the most important part for one thing, because every detail is linked with all of others, and affect the whole thing ultimately.