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This is the storyboard of the advertising video.

storyboard 1storyboard 2

storyboard 3

storyboard 4

storyboard 5





The definition of “Garner” is to collect or gather something. It also represents “defense fighters” in old English. In order to protect his family, the character have to collect something to save his family, and he decides to adventure it. I choose this name “Garner” because the meaning can bring out my concept of this game. I used black and white color for the main tone because it can make the name prominent by using the contrast. I used this format because the shape is represent strong and power, which is related to the character and the storyline in this game. I also change the letter “A” to the mountain shape because it represents the surrounding in this game, and I also want to make it as a focus point in the logo to catch people attention.



The design of CD cover, I mainly used warm color tone to create the cozy feeling. The color of the logo is changed because it is matching the background color and the feeling in the cover design. I would want to bring out the character as a focus point, so the color of the logo would not be too sharp and solid.

cd cover

The logo in the CD design is completely different with CD cover. Comparing with the CD cover, I create the logo as a focus point on the CD instead of other element as CD cover. The format is stay the same, but the color is changed. I add some patterns on it which are Indian element to show the adventurous feeling in this game. I use cool color for the main tone in the logo which is matching the CD background.



I start the simple basic format in the very beginning in my design process. I was trying to use some funky feeling for the logo. I also try to add some elements, which are from the game. One of the elements is the feather from the character. I assume the letter “G” as the main character, and show the characteristic on the logo. On the other hand, I create a mountain on the top of the name to show the surrounding of the game. Based on this concept, I decide to add the game’s element to the logo. Therefore, I change the letter “A” as a mountain shape to represent the strong and power, and also bring out the concept of the game on the logo.

garner main menu

Reference research

Super Mario Maker – ‘The Build’ Game Trailer

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 8.18.19 PM副本


This trailer is an advertisement video of Super Mario Maker. It is a software that can let players build their own Super Mario world.

In this trailer, a boy is playing with this software and the characters and obstacles appear in front of him in 3D.Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 8.18.28 PM副本

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 8.18.37 PM副本

When he does any changes by the map with the software, the 3D map also changes.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 8.19.11 PM副本

He feels excited with this, and keeps playing.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 8.19.22 PM

It has game play scene here also.

Target Audience


The last Saturday of October is the Children’s festival in Malaysia, this game can be a gift for children and they can play together.


Majority of the students are attracted to the video games.

6~9-year-old children

The levels and game play is very easy, suitable for children.

The character and graphic design of this game is colorful and childish.

Able to read English

The language of this game is only in English.

Able to use electronic devices

This game only can be played with PC.

Like playing platform video game

The genre of this game is platform game.


target audience


Report proposal of promote



To promote the electronic video game, “Garner”, to 6~9-year-old children from Malaysia on 29th October 2016 as a gift of Children’s day.



  1. Promote this game as a gift for Children’s Day on 29th October 2016 in Malaysia.
  2. Show the rule of game play; let children know how interesting it is.
  3. Introduce the character and environment design of the game, which are attractive for children.
  4. Tell the storyline to attract children to play it.



  1. The video shows a pair of parents gives this game as a gift of Children’s Day to their child, and the child plays this game. Let the children who watched this video also want this game as a gift.
  2. Let children see how to play this game, add the 3D character in the real life. And then let them to be interested of it.
  3. The show two character design on this video, which are the main character and the main enemy, and they fight with each other.
  4. Show the story of the main character.



Video advertisement.

Analysis of 5 bad logos


  1. Kate’s Florist

When people see this logo, everyone knows it might be a brand of flower, because there are three flowers here, but the layout is obscure, and there are more than three colors in this logo. Even though the logo is colourful, but it still looks dull.

When it is in black and white, some words of it will be hard to read.clipart bw


tree doctor

2. Tree Doctor

This logo is versatile, which is using different mediums. However, it is not a good design because it has too much mediums to create this logo. The designer used more than 3 colours and gradient effect to create the tree, which is trying to represent the brand. It draw people attention more than the brand name. Another failure with this logo is the designer used more than two fonts to show the brand name. The designer tried to create different fonts to make the brand name become the focus point to draw people attention, and make it more interesting. However, the tree and the brand is not going well. Nevertheless, too much mediums are make the logo loose its own interest.

When it is in black and white, it is ok to be seen but small size cannot.

tree doctor

tree doctor



3. Community Desoto Sports

This logo is one of the bad design example because it looks very complicated. This logo is created the focus point, the brand name, by using different colours, which is a good way to draw people attention. However, the designer also used another colours for the graphic beside the brand name. At the same time, the font of the brand name is hard to read. The graphic around the brand name makes the whole logo more complicated for people. It is not helpful for people define the brand name. Therefore, this logo only can show the brand is about sport, not the name of the brand.

When it is in small size, some words of the brand cannot to be seen.

sports bw



4. Super King Cleaners

This logo is a memorable because it used some design elements to represent their brand. Overall, this logo is easy to read the brand name, and the crown also can represent the brand name. On the one hand, it is not a good design for logo because of the effect element, gradient. It is trying to make like a stereoscopic graphic, but this effect is not going well with logo design. The colour of this logo also draws people attention instead of the brand name.

When it is in small size and b&w, some words of the brand cannot to be seen.

super-king bw



5. The bad wrap

This logo is very playful but not a good design of logo. There is a cool graphic in this logo, but it is not really telling any information about the brand. It might be the face of the character to show the word “bad”. Nevertheless, it is not helping people to understand the brand easily. The font of the brand is another bad example of logo design. It used more than two fonts to show the brand name, which is not easy and good for people to read. The colours of this logo also used more than 3 colours to represent the feeling of evil. It is success to catch people attention, but it is not really comfortable for the readers.

When it is in small size and b&w, some words of the brand cannot to be seen, and the figure is not clear.



Analysis of 5 good logos


  1. Smart Book online library

The logo is simple to be remembered. There are only one colour here and the font is comfortable to be seen. It looks like an opening book because it is a logo of an online library,  and there are a pair of eyes on the top of the book.


It is also suitable for black and white.




2. Virgin

The logo of the Virgin Airline just use the name as it, because the brand name is memorable. It uses the handwriting font and put the text inside of a circle, even the logo of  Air Asia Airline just follows this logo. There is only red colour here.

It is also suitable for black and white.




3.Domino’s Pizza

This logo looks like three dominoes, two on the top are in red color and another one is in dark blue color, these two colors are also in consistency. The shape of this logo is justing following the name of the brand “Domino”, every know that domino needs to be balance with putting flat, but the designer of the logo made it 90 degree incline, and this is also the subtlety of this logo.

When it is in black and white, it still looks good.




4. Baskin Robbins

As a brand of ice cream that for children, Baskin Robbins made their logo looks like a logo of cartoon. There are two colors here: dark blue and pink, the pink part is part of BR but looks like 31, because when the first time this brand established, it has 31 flavours. There is only one font here and the name is just the logo, it is suitable to be remembered.

When it is in black and white, it still looks good.

baskin-robbins-logo bw



4. Pepsi

The  Pepsi logo, just like the world’s favourite beverage, has evolved over a long period of time and has become an all time recognisable logo across the world. there are dark blue and red in this logo, the content inside of the circle is just like floating liquid.

When it is in black and white, it still looks good.