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Building with Construct 2






CD and CD cover design

For the CD cover, I use sky, land, and river as the background, all the elements are from the environment design of this game.

And I put the logo on the top, main character portrait on the bottom.

cd cover


For the CD design, I use the sky and mountain only and put the American Indian’s elements inside of the logo.

Then I put my own logo and DISC logo on the bottom.


Background design

Base on the concept board, I made my background design like a deserted mountain, and I drew some elements of American Indian.

blue sky 2副本mountain副本



Platform for jumping and standing




Symbolised sculptures


Moving platform

Game proposal

Game proposal


  • Title


  • Brief description of game

A Indian boy’s hometown has been occupied by robots, Indians, there is an old saying, at the time of their home is lost, if there is a warrior surmount every difficulty to Garner Mountain, the fairy that lives on the top of the mountain will help his people survive. So the main character Kenny decided to climb Garner Mountain alone, find the fairy for help.


  • Selling point and potential profitability

To salute the world’s most classic platform game “Super Mario”, this kind of game play will be suitable for all people just like how they popular in the past. No matter players use PC, mobile phone or pad; they can play this game whenever they want.

  • Concept

>Explanation of the game’s genre

Platform game

>Game’s rules

Players need to cross the obstacles and avoid be touched by the enemies     to pass every levels.

>Projects’ scope and learning objectives

The theme of this game is Indian in North America; the style of it is cartoon. It will be easy to play, there are only for buttons: up, right, left and shooting (space).

>Description of the target audience

People at all ages can be target audience of this game because it is not hard, people who is able to read English can understand what the storyline is.

>Play mechanics and game play description


There are few basic movements. Players can walk, run, duck, jump, the controlled character can jump and break the bricks.

Attacking Enemies

The general way to attack enemies is to jump on them. If players collide horizontally, they can be damaged. The first enemy that players will encounter is the small cube robots and panda robots that waddle towards you.

Other Enemies

There are monkey, bird and parasaurolophus robots, which can’t be jumped on. To kill these, players have to get some energy and shoot them.

Skill Power Ups: Lightning

Players can get power ups. The power ups are found in the “lightning” boxes, and are the best way to stay alive through tough levels. When player get the lightning icon, they can shoot enemies by releasing lightning.


>Description of game’s development

I use Lakeshore to design this game. To design the game rules, I just played many platform games and use some commend rules of platform games. To design the background and environment, I did some research about Indian culture and building online, and use them as references to draw my own environment design.

>Development of characters

For the human characters, I searched the Indian people, such as the skin color, the hairstyle, the costumes, the color they use mostly. For the enemies, I use some animals’ appearances as references to design them into robots.

  • Appendix

>Game design document

>Some sketches for game play

>Design of game board