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For this semester, I learned how to do a storyboard. I saw many storyboards online and study from them.
When I work in the future, I will use the knowledge that I learned to do my work, and find more creative thinking such as making the character design more complicated, the storyline more interesting and the storyboard more professional.
I did many researches this semester, These are some examples what I did(Storyboard, characters)





Final Storyboard

The duration is 7 minutes, and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pages I did in digital way, others use hand drawing.


Inspiration of my characters

The two main characters in my storyboard are cats.

Their appearance is from my pets Tsang Kahey and Tsang Kadik.


This is Kahey, a lovely girl.


This is Kadik, a fat boy who is always afraid of human-beings.

I made the main characters from their look because I drew them many times before and I love cats, it would be easy for me to create the storyline.


Beginning of story


In Kadik’s dream, Jeremy blamed him and tore his gingerbread-man doll.

The next morning, Jeremy asked him to get up and he was shocked when he saw Jeremy’s face.


In 2050, there is a boy named Jeremy who lives in Mantin, Malaysia. He has a cat named Kadik. Kadik understands human but he can’t communicate well with human.

Kadik doesn’t like Jeremy because Jeremy is selfish.

Kadik has a girlfriend named Kahey, and every time they can just meet furtively when Jeremy is sleeping, as Jeremy never allow Kadik to go out. Kadik complained about Jeremy to Kahey.

One day, Jeremy’s mother served gingerbread-man as their snack but Jeremy only give Kadik one piece of it. Kadik cannot stand it anymore; he fought with Jeremy and decided to escape from Jeremy’s home and find his girlfriend Kahey to get married.

At the same time, a giant robot was beside the house, over-heard about that.

After escaping from Jeremy’s home, the robot found Kadik and gave Kadik a machine to make gingerbread; Kadik and Kahey used it to make gingerbread as weapon to attack Jeremy when Jeremy found and wanted to catch him.

But the machine is a big conspiracy; the robot just wants to use this machine to let gingerbread to occupy this city. And then, Kadik came back to Jeremy’s side and resist the invader together.

They escape to the seaside and let the robot and all the gingerbread-men drop to the sea.

At last, they got the victory, and Kadik married Kahey and live together with Jeremy.