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Final work of 3D form



Sketch of 3D form

I plan to fold 9 paper boxes and paste them to combine a larger one, and put a paper fruit on the top centre of it.


Sketch of 2D form

The material that I want to use to do the 3D form is paper, so the 2D form should also be paper.

I planned to draw a cat head which is made by folding paper and put on a man’s body.

cat heade

Mark Making

What I made these two weeks were mark making, which is drawing patterns from the photos I took and using materials that have texture to get the general shape of the patterns.

This work is to distinguish between geometric and organic patterns and convert them. Then, learn how to use materials and colour to create patterns as art work.

What materials I used: sponge, rag, lettuce, carrot, lemon, hair pin, flax string, etc.


This is what made by the first time, just try using one colour to get different textures on paper.

The pattern I like most is the one made by rolling carrot on the paper.


This is the second trial of it, using different colour and try to make the patterns full of the paper.

IMG_3438 IMG_3434

The first trial of making patterns from the pattern that I made with line.

The materials I used are sponge, rag and raisin.

I like the pattern which I made with line, but I can’t use materials to get the clear shape of it, although I like the colours I used.


This one is made by hair pin and tissue.



The last two trials.

I almost can get the clear pattern in the end, for example pressing lemon to have the skin pattern of it.

The Book “The Designer’s Graphic Stew”


The author of this book is Timothy Samara.

I borrowed this book from Ms. Nadira this Monday and read it for few days.

From this book, I got more knowledge of designing element.

For example, these are different ways to make a object into abstraction.


These are Geometric and Organic patterns.

IMG_3232 IMG_3231

This is how to make an object in different style.


The last one which helps me a lot is these natural patterns.


Blind Drawing, Contour Drawing and Drawing to Music

Blind Drawing is touch an object with eyes closed, then draw it by feeling of touching. But for my own work, it is crooked, maybe it means that my feeling of space is not good.(It ought to be a bag of green tea.)

IMG_3220-0.JPG Drawing to music is also drawing with eyes closed, and it must be abstract. For my work, I think I like this style because it looks like Chinese Wash Painting.

Contour drawing is drawing an object with observing it, and cannot take the hand out during drawing.