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Task 5, Alphabet

I use paper clips and pin to make my own alphabet and use paper clips to make the word “WHY”.



Final work of task 4

I use black as the background color and different typefaces to write the name of the foods.

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Poem by using the 12 titles

The understanding dreams beyond the telling

That is the golden shrine and all the brilliant star

I am tired of power schmoozing

Of the evergreen world, the living countryside beneath so far

I leave my fate and tomorrow behind

To pick up the panic profits I mourn for

Do not blame that I took the garden bird of blind

To see Asia meltdown in the alcohol

Has got hypnotized by the cognitive psychology of disappointment

Follow the strategic alliance and wither in the truth sensuous

Everything is high voltage instead you are patient

Everything wants leadership instead I am indecorous

12 book titles of task 3

Garden Bird

Illustration of birds.

Understanding Dreams

Talk about what will happen after a dream.

The Evergreen World, The Living Countryside

Illustrations and introduction about plants.

The Golden Shrine


Fate and Tomorrow

Asia Meltdown

Panic Profits

Power Schmoozing

Cognitive Psychology

High Voltage

Strategic Alliances


Outcome of Critical Thinking


Identify and analyze the structure of arguments that appear in academic and non-academic texts, and in everyday conversation.


Evaluate arguments and articulate their reasons for judgment.


Distinguish between evidence and conclusive proof, between belief and truth, and between rational and irrational belief.


Present work in a clear, comprehensive and precise manner.


Contribute to verbal presentations to a group.