Category: Color in 2D and 3D

Drawing in Penang Trip

We went to Penang for a short trip, and at the last day, Dr. led us to draw the buildings in Penang.

I found a good place to sit down with my friends.


Then I use pencil and pen to draw the line, to get the shape of the building. After that, I just used watercolour.




Watercolor drawing

We did some watercolor drawing outdoor.


This is my first drawing, I can’t even catch the shape at that time.


The second one was better.


Then I drew inside the hostel, at the roof.


I also used my phone to do it.

Color testing

After we collected and break the rocks, we did color testing in the studio.


We used water, glue, and the rock’s powder to mix up the pigment, and pour it on the paper to see how does it look like.


Using water color

We also went to the studio this Friday. We tried to use water color to draw the object that we observing.


There are the tools what we use, there are water color pigment, brushed, and so on.


We drew the shell and conch, but only catch the shape, because this was our first water color class.

Color making

For this week’s class, we went to Dr. Hushinaidi’s studio and he taught us how to make color by breaking stone.

There are many powder and stone fragments in different colors. Dr. put them into different transparent pots. The powder can be used as pigment. Put them into water and we can see how is it like on the paper by brush.


I also tried to break the stone with my classmate. We break them into small pieces and then grind then into powder. We can also use a machine to grind it.

This was the first time I did this, I felt very excited.

Searching for materials

This week, Our lecturer Dr. drove us to Pajam to search materials for color making.


There are some hills by rocks and stones.


There are so many different rocks and stones here. We used tools to get some rocks and collected them into plastic bags. We found yellow, orange, and grey rocks here.